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    Shaded Pole Motor

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    Shaded Pole Motor

Product Details

● RQA series motors are shaded pole motors with single phase,4 shaded poles and running at rated voltage of 220~240V,50/60Hz or 110~120V,60Hz, They are widely used in the radiator, evaporator and other refrigeration equipment.
● The output poer is from 5W TO 34W. which is relative to the stack length.
● The insulation class of motors is B, and the pro-
tection class of that is IP42. On request lp44 is avaliable.
● The motors are protected by their impedance for output power below 10W and thermal protector withcut-off temperature of 135℃±5℃for outpower above
● The applicable ambient temperature is from-30℃to±50℃.


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