How does the cooling fan installation affect life?


When our products need to be equipped with a cooling fa […]

When our products need to be equipped with a cooling fan to heat up, they may be affected by factors such as space, environment, shape, etc., resulting in different installation methods. The installation methods that are often encountered are as follows:

    1. Jam on both sides of the cooling fan, or plug one screw in the diagonal to the screw hole of the cooling fan. These two kinds of heat dissipation methods are easy to cause the cooling fan to resonate with the product, amplify the sound, and the fan vibrates for a long time. It has an effect on the friction between the bearing and the shaft core, and the life will be reduced.

    2. Upside down, the fan blades face down, long-term use If the fan leaves for a long time, the rotor becomes weaker, the fan blade becomes less distant from the motor stator, and the cooling fan may not turn due to poor induction. The oil-containing fan It is most prone to such problems, and some processing needs to be done from the structural design.

    3. The exhaust heat dissipation is shorter than the heat dissipation life of the blower. Because the exhaust air is always hot air, the motor is often in an endothermic state, and the drive IC in the motor is heated to make the performance worse.